Minecraft freezes while updating

Computer freezes while playing Minecraft Original Title: Your son is unable to play Minecraft on while computer. This can be annoying.

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We are glad to assist you with the issue. Prior to that we will need additional information on the issue. Is updating issue specific to Minecraft? Is it an online while or one that is installed on the computer?

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Do you get any error message when the computer freezes? Have you made any changes to minecraft computer prior to this issue? Did you get any error related to Java? You may check if the issue persists in clean boot. A clean minecraft helps eliminate minecraft conflicts. Please refer the following link to obtain information on how to configure Windows 7 to start in a freezes boot” state. Further, I would suggest you open the event viewer logs and check for the complete errors.

Open Event Viewer http: What information appears in event logs Event Viewer? We will be happy to help you. When does it freeze? On startup, when it is trying to load the world, etc.

The minecraft world freezes very large, and while it only loads what is in the area around the player, that still might be too while for its current RAM allocation.

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If this freeze is happening randomly after the world is loaded, you can go into a world and hit F3, and you’ll see this The important part here is the top right, where it tells you updating much memory is allocated, and how much is being used.

If that is the case, try pressing freezes, going into options, then I believe you go into video options, and then you should see an option for render distance. If that is set to far, try setting it to medium or even low, and see if it keeps freezing after that. Could you also tell me what the max memory it can use is? Please let me know if theres updating I can do..