New century liquidating trust

My mortgage was originated by New Century Mortgage Corporation in New Century Mortgage Corporation then filed bankruptcy in and Carrington purchased the servicing rights of loans that New Century was servicing. From my understanding, New Century Mortgage Corporation later went out of business.

My loan is currently in foreclosure. I opposed the motion both times.

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The first time Deutsche withdrew their motion because the court found that Deutsche had not proved their standing as a holder in due course or the actual note holder; without proving standing, a lender cannot foreclose. Also, even if New Century Mortgage Corporation still owned the loan inbecause they filed bankruptcy 4 years prior to the transfer, they could not have transferred any assets without permission of the bankruptcy court.

Neither Carrington nor Deutsche has provided proof of such authorization. Second item of fraud, when the court stated that Deutsche Bank had not established standing century foreclose, Deutsche Bank, as the indenture trustee for New Century Home Equity Loan Trustsuddenly produced a limited power of attorney datedauthorizing Carrington Mortgage to act as its attorney in fact.

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However, the power of attorney simply establishes liquidating New Century Mortgage Corporation did not have authority assign the deed of trust liquidating March because Deutsche Bank could only act as trustee if the loan was part of a trust for which Deutsche was the trustee. Both documents are dated March 24, and are century to have been signed by Tom Croft and both documents are stamped as though trust were notarized by the same notary trust the same day.

The signatures of both Tom Croft and the notary are different on each of the documents; the documents were clearly not signed by the same people. Tom Croft has also been identified nationally by various sources as a known Robo-signer.

There are rulings in several judicial foreclosure states against Deutsche Bank century Carrington Mortgage for the same practices that I have just mentioned above, primarily because the trust went before a court and the fraud was able to be new judges and attorneys. I live in California, which is a non judicial new state.