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Feedback Using the Validating Parser By now, you have done a lot of experimenting with the nonvalidating parser. It’s time to have a look at the validating parser to find out what happens when you use it to parse the sample presentation.

Using the Validating Parser

You need to understand about two things about the validating parser at the outset: A schema or document type definition DTD is required.

Because the schema or DTD is present, the ignorableWhitespace method is invoked whenever possible. Configuring the Factory The first step is to modify the Echo program so that it uses the validating parser instead of the nonvalidating parser.

The code in this section is contained in Echo To use the validating parser, make the following parser changes: Here, you configure the factory so that it will produce a validating parser when newSAXParser is invoked. To configure it to return a namespace-aware parser, you can also use setNamespaceAware true. Sun’s parser supports any combination of configuration options. If a combination is not supported by a particular implementation, it is required to generate a factory configuration software.

Primerat http: You can also examine the sample programs that are part of the JAXP download. Even a DTD qualifies as a “schema,” although it is the only one that does not use XML syntax to describe schema constraints.

However, parser Schema” presents us with a terminology challenge. To be notified of validating errors in an XML document, the parser software must be configured to create a validating parser, as shown in the preceeding section. In addition, the following must be true: The appropriate properties must be set on the SAX parser.

The appropriate error handler must be set. The document must be associated with a schema. Setting the SAX Parser Properties It’s helpful to start by defining the constants you’ll parser when setting the properties: For now, understand that schema validation is a namespace-oriented process.

Because JAXP-compliant parsers are not namespace-aware by default, it is necessary software set the property for schema validation to work. The last step is to configure the parser to tell it which schema language to use. You’ll take a look at that error next.

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Setting Up the Appropriate Error Handling In software to the error handling you’ve already learned about, there is one parser that can occur when you are configuring the parser for schema-based validation. If the software is not 1.