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Genuine Unmarked Goebel Figurine Hi All This enquiry concerns a small about 5 inches , very modest Goebel figurine of a boy digging in the garden. It is marked NM , 0A. I purchased it from an elderly lady at a church bazaar many years ago here in the US. I have always been a random collector of ceramic items, bought only because they had a certain attraction. The boy figure was attractive because of the theme, gardening, and also because it looked European, and had a Meissen flavor. At the time I assumed it was a nice Japanese knock-off piece. After that, it sat in my china closet for a very long time.

10 Collectibles NOT Worth Collecting Anymore

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It is a boy holding a horse and horn. The bottom is marked “C,” “,” and “Goebel. Dear R. Gerhard Skrobek was the master sculptor. Reinhold Unger modeled these figurines in It is difficult to date your piece based upon your mark description. Germany” mark was introduced in In Goebel introduced a mark featuring “Goebel” with a stylized bee in a “V” between the letters “b” and “e. Before you start jumping with joy, there is something you need to understand.

Book values no longer reflect the true secondary market value of Hummel figurines.

Find out the age of your Hummel Figurine

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Hummel Figurines have been a part of many peoples lives over the year. Boys and girls doing everyday duties from picking apples to delivering letters. Now you may want to find out the age of the Hummel Figurine you remember so fondly. If you are looking for a Hummel value chart then read the M. To find out how old your Hummel is look on the underside of your Hummel Figurine and find the Goebel stamp or makers mark. This mark is the official trademark of Goebel. The look of the trademark has varied since See the Hummel date stamp chart below; every authentic M.

Hummel figurine will have a Goebel stamp on its underside. Most of the known marks used over the years are shown here. Nevertheless, from time to time, a rare and undocumented variation may surface.

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Hummel Marks & Trademarks Reference Guide – Date and Authenticate Your Hummel Figurine. If you are not sure about something hummels leave a comment​.

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There are more than enough Hummel figurines to go around

Better hope the kids earn scholarships. Collecting is fun, but it is a perilous investment if you choose the wrong collectibles. Here are 10 once-popular collectibles that are now worth much less than people imagine…. Hummel figurines once sold for hundreds of dollars apiece, but the generation that appreciated these little porcelain statues is now downsizing or dying off, dumping Hummels back into the market by the thousands.

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Goebel M. Hummel Porcelain Boy and Girl Figurines Hummel is a name that almost any porcelain collector recognizes, and Hummel figurines are some of the most widely collected in the porcelain figurines market. And that fact, combined with the huge number of figurines that were manufactured by Goebels, a German company, starting in , make finding the value of any particular piece more of a search than just flipping open a price guide to find out what your Hummels are worth. And of course which type of value you are looking for; book value, suggested retail or estimates by knowledgeable collectors , and true value, what the Hummel is worth, what someone has and will pay.

These figurines are the artistic designs of Sister M. Hummel, recreated in three-dimensional fine German porcelain by the artists at Goebels. Hummels are not one-of-a-kind pieces. Many figurines were produced in up to three different sizes, generally the larger sizes are more valuable , and many were produced for multiple years. Hummel Figurine Base marks You may know the name of your figurine, but since many figurines were produced in multiple years, and sometimes in multiple variations, different modellers adding their own touch or update , the information you need to specifically identify your piece is on its base.

Some figurines can have as many as 5 or 6 different marks, numbers, dates, and initials, but the two, or three if the date is inscribed , most important for identification are the mold number, inscribed , and the stamped trademark. These two will confirm the name of your figurine.

Hummel Trademark Identification Guide

There seems to be more confusion to this than what I had thought. Berta Hummels are manufactured in the Far East under the strict supervision of Goebel. They are made of bisque porcelain. Because of this they are able to bring these Hummels to you at reduced prices. They are made of a porus earthenware instead of bisque porcelain.

There are two definitive marks of identification on a genuine MI Hummel.

of marks used, identification is difficult at times and exact dating is almost impossible. Dr. Marie Eckess will be pleased to answer your questions concerning Kitchen Gadgets, Hummels and Rockwells, Dolls, Primitives, and many other.

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Difference Between Berta and M.I. Hummel Figurines

All items in Music are non returnable. Learn more. The works featured on volume 25 of Dynamics Delizie Musicali series, all dating from , exemplify the originality of Hummels music. Skip to main content. Fantasie Op.

Dear R.M.: The correct identification number for your Hummel Those dating from the post period realized between $10 and $18; those.

Welcome to The Prudent Collector where we we have prepared a guide showing you how to date and authenticate your Hummel figurines according to their trademark stamps. A Hummel figurine can be dated by the marking or trademark on the underside of its base. This mark is also referred to as the backstamp, stamp, or figure. This is very important as Hummel values are determined by age as well as scarcity.

An older version of a figurine can command a much higher price than one which was made at a later date. It’s also important for authenticating a figurine as one lacking one of the following marks is quite likely to be a forgery. The following markings are the standard backstamps you are most likely to see on the vast majority of Hummel figurines. However be aware that according to the M. Hummel company, sometimes rare and undocumented variations have been known to surface. From the first figurine in until the following 3 trademarks were used.

After the end of World War II the United States permitted Goebel to export figurines which had previously been prohibited for exportation.

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