Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs Compatibility Chart


Each of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs is more naturally compatible with certain signs than they are with others. There is the potential of compatibility with almost all signs in the Chinese zodiac, though each of the zodiac animals also has an exact opposite. Achieving a harmonious relationship with a sign that falls in the rating range of 5 to 4 is promising, though it varies from sign to sign. Signs that rate as 5 are the most natural of matches. The work required to establish and maintain a good relationship with a sign with which the rating is in the 3 to 2 range will be challenging, but not entirely impossible. Both individuals must put a lot of work into the relationship to make it thrive. Attempting a relationship with an exact opposite — a rating of 1 — is generally considered foolish. Such relationships will not last, if they are even able to get started.

Your perfect match, based on your Chinese zodiac sign

Y ou probably know there are 12 Chinese zodiac animals used to represent years, is the Year of the Rat. Zodiac signs play an integral part in Chinese culture, and can be used to determine your fortune for the year, marriage compatability, career fit, best times to have a baby, and so much more. The general consensus is that the zodiacs originally had something to do with the worship of animals. A zodiac system has existed in Chinese culture since the Qin dynasty, more than 2, years ago.

Over time the zodiacs became more and more integrated into everyday life, with different meanings and characteristics assigned to each animal. This in turn gave rise to various compatabilities and incompatabilities between each zodiac, and play a major role in marriage and career decisions, fortune-telling and more!

Check for compatibility with Chinese astrology. According to the Chinese horoscope, the zodiac animal signs diametrically opposite one another on the.

In the Chinese astrology, zodiac signs are represented by twelve animals. Similar to western astrology, some signs are very compatible with each other while some are not. AstrologyBay provides a zodiac chart depicting compatibility between all 12 signs. Ancient Chinese astrology was based on the lunisolar calendar. According to it, the new year begins somewhere between late January and early February. One of the major differences between Chinese and western astrology is that in Chinese astrology, the 12 signs are equal to 12 years and not months.

Therefore, an entire year is represented by one sign. As the cycle rotates after 12 years, the animals repeat after every 12 years. The 12 animal signs or Chinese zodiac signs in order are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat sheep , monkey, rooster cock , dog, and pig boar.

A Chart That Explains the Compatibility Between Chinese Zodiac Signs

Subscriber Account active since. It’s officially the Year of the Pig and many people are wondering what the Chinese zodiac has in store for each respective sign. The 12 animals of the zodiac use birth years to determine your most notable personality traits. According to KarmaWeather, the Chinese zodiac also splits the signs into four triangles of compatibility.

Whose Your Match? Compatibility and How It Works Each sign of the Chinese Zodiac has other signs with which it shares temperaments and.

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Factors Affecting Chinese Astrology Sign Matches

It’s that time again — Lunar New Year is underway. While many around the world rang in the new year on Jan. If you don’t think any of this pertains to you, because you already wrapped up your celebrations or have nothing in common with the lunar calendar, think again. In actuality, your very astrological sign has a personality match in the Chinese zodiac.

The Rat is compatible with: Dragon: Dragon will dominate in the relationship, but he will admire the Rat’s intelligence. The union between these two zodiac signs.

The Chinese birth chart system has been used ever since ancient times for many different purposes. It has been used to predict the gender of a child before birth, your future, and of course compatibility. Many people think that learning about Chinese astrology signs compatibility might make it possible for you to find your one true love. You might want to know which Chinese birth signs you are most compatible with.

This will make it easier to find someone who you get on with and want to spend the rest of your life with. By learning about this useful Chinese astrology signs compatibility you will be much more likely to make the correct choices when dating and choosing who to see. You will also be able to learn a lot about yourself and your partner by studying the Chinese birth signs. All you need to know is the year you and your partner was born in to look at this.

Astronomy and Astrology

Can incompatible zodiac signs work Can incompatible zodiac signs work. Even though your personality can fall entirely under what astrology says, many factors influence a relationship. Virgo and Libra compatibility is relies on this couple working together closely to maintain a delicate balance in friendship and love. If they lack gratitude for what they own, dissatisfaction will lead to the manifestation of negative traits stated above.

We often hear of cases where the husband and wife can’t see eye to eye and wonder what the reasons for their dissatisfaction could be. On the flip side, just because two people’s signs are supposed to be compatible, does not necessarily mean the they are, simply because of different experiences, views, opinions, and expectations.

Fast Love Match for Matchmaking, Dating Services. This Chinese astrology Love Match and Personality Compatibility test combines seven factors from Stem.

They are active and adventurous and love anything that sparks their creativity or curiosity. With those they hold dear, the Fire Rabbit can be affectionate and loving. Choose another Chinese Compatibility Sign. However, they tend to not tell their partner when they feel that they are not being treated well. The Dog is the secret friend of the Rabbit.

Fire and Fire: This is an enthusiastic and bubbly relationship. Meanwhile, they are simple, keen and elegant. The Rabbit is quick, clever and ambitious, but seldom finishes what he starts. A sweet married life will be created if male Dogs get together with ladies of the Rabbit, Rat and Tiger signs, while females are well-matched with Rabbits, Monkeys and Pigs.

Which Chinese Zodiac Signs Are Most Compatible

Compatibility and How It Works Each sign of the Chinese Zodiac has other signs with which it shares temperaments and similar ways of thinking. The are four groups, called Trines that each contain three compatible animals. While each animal has it’s own personality, their styles of thinking and understanding can be aligned with others. What’s Your Sign? Determine which zodiac sign you are by finding your year of birth Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake Horse Goat Monkey Rooster Dog Pig Whose Your Match?

You probably know there are 12 Chinese zodiac animals used to represent years​, Four groups of trios (三合—sān hé) are the next most compatible signs.

The Chinese zodiac is a classification scheme based on the lunar calendar that assigns an animal and its reputed attributes to each year in a repeating year cycle. The 1 year cycle is an approximation to the Identifying this scheme using the generic term ” zodiac ” reflects several superficial similarities to the Western zodiac : both have time cycles divided into 12 parts, each labels at least the majority of those parts with names of animals, and each is widely associated with a culture of ascribing a person’s personality or events in their life to the supposed influence of the person’s particular relationship to the cycle.

Nevertheless, there are major differences between the two: the animals of the Chinese zodiac are not associated with constellations spanned by the ecliptic plane. The Chinese part cycle corresponds to years, rather than months. The zodiac traditionally begins with the sign of the Rat. In Chinese astrology the animal signs assigned by year represent how others perceive you or how you present yourself.

Chinese Zodiac Love Compatibility

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart on a scale of 1 less compatible to 10 more compatible :. The union between these two zodiac signs will be prosperous and happy. Monkey: Their common interests make the Monkey compatible with the Rat.

This compatibility test by Chinese zodiac reveals yours and your partner’s signs and shows you the real compatibility between them.

When you’ve just met the person who you think might be the one check out your Chinese animal signs to see if you’re most compatible. According to the calendar, animal signs that are four years apart are believed to have the best compatibility, but incompatible if they are six years apart. Traditionally, before marriage, Chinese couples would check zodiac compatibility to determine whether to take the relationship to the next step.

The Chinese Zodiac, a cycle of twelve lunar years represented by twelve zodiac animals, plays a big role in determining your personality, your future, and more importantly, your interpersonal relationships. Good compatibility then not only secures a good relationship, but it can also promise good wealth, good fertility, compatible careers , and harmonious families. Compatibility is also based on zodiac personality types: the zodiac most favors personality types that know how to balance each other out.

Effort towards good teamwork can make any two people compatible. But, if your new person happens to also be zodiac compatible, that is just another reason to take the relationship further. If you are a rat and your partner is a dragon or vice versa, then the two of you hit the jackpot. The Rat and the Dragon work because people born under the rat sign can be a little timid, and tend to blend in the background.

They know how to bring the rat out of their shell, while also admiring their rat partner for their high intelligence and quick thinking.

10 Best Zodiac Combinations For Relationships

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